9 Brands Doing Good for the Environment

9 Brands Doing Good for the Environment

We champion creative entrepreneurs determined to take action through empowerment and sustainable living. Read how you can support the causes of these 9 brands doing good for the environment.

1. Bureo Skateboards

Three friends set out to create a company that fused their love for skateboarding and their mission to clean up our oceans and reduce plastic pollution for good. Their flagship product, the Minnow Complete Cruiser skateboard, is made of 30 square feet of recycled fishing nets collected from the shores of Chile. How you can help:Read our full story on the Bureo Boys, be mindful of how much plastic you’re using and discarding, and help spread the word about the Bureo skateboards and the mission behind the brand.

2. Loudbasstard

The Loudbasstard bamboo sound amplifier aims to bridge the gap between modern technology and nature. Each sound amplifier is hand-carved and crafted by Cebuano artisans in the Philippines, coated with eye-popping water-based paints and organically treated to ensure that it can withstand climate changes. How you can help: Share your love for the brand by tagging Instagram photos of the Loudbasstard in action with #loudbasstard.

3. JouleBug

Small changes in the way we consume energy can make a huge difference for the environment. JouleBug is an achievement-based social app that makes it fun and easy to be mindful of your resources and to inspire others to be a part of the movement.How you can help:Learn more about JouleBug, download the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and start earning those cool badges.

4. P.L.A.Y.

There’s nothing like a warm pet bed to make your dog or cat the happiest at home. P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You) wants to take it a step further by letting your furry friends relax in eco-friendly pet beds made of recycled plastic bottles converted into PlanetFill® polyfiber.How you can help: Read about and spread the P.L.A.Y. mission to all of your pet-loving friends and family. You’ll also want to add a new P.L.A.Y. bed to your Christmas shopping list. Your furry friends will thank you for it.

5. Dung Paper

Don’t wrinkle your nose at the name just yet. The Thai Elephant Conservation Center processes hundreds of kilograms worth of elephant dung to create resources for everyday living. Dung Paper is one of these products. Its coarse texture makes it an attractive medium for artists and craftsmen. How you can help: Read about what Dung Paper is, tell others about it and include the Thai Elephant Conservation Center in your itinerary if you plan to visit Thailand.

6. Baron Fig

Writers and doodlers can create amazing ideas while planting the seeds of tomorrow’s trees. How? By buying a Baron Fig Confidant, the notebook for creators and thinkers everywhere, through the Buy a Book, Plant a Tree project. How you can help: Buy a Confidant notebook to jot down your best ideas.

7. Bambeco

During a trip to Alaska, Susan Aplin saw how climate change is rapidly affecting the glaciers and knew she had to do something about it. She partnered with Carolyn Wapnick to start Bambeco, a business selling gorgeously designed home furnishings and interior decor made of sustainable materials. How you can help: Visit the Bambeco website, read their story and consider buying your next household items there.

8. Blue Avocado

Blue Avocado wants to make lunchtime a meaningful experience for you, your family and the environment. With reusable lunch and shopping systems made of recycled materials, you can help reduce the amount of plastic being used and thrown away everyday. How you can help: Do away with plastic and pack your kids’ lunches using any of Blue Avocado’s (re)zip™ family snack packs.

9. Hand in Hand Soap

Five million people die annually due to diseases caused by water pollution and lack of hygiene. Hand in Hand Soap is an eco-friendly brand founded on the mission of bringing soap to people who need it. To double the impact, Hand in Hand soaps are made of sustainable and natural ingredients and resources harvested and grown in an environment-friendly way. How you can help: When you buy a bar of Hand in Hand soap, you give one bar and a month’s supply of clean water to those who need it the most.

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