9 One for One Brands Changing the World

9 One for One Brands Changing the World

Make every penny you spend count by choosing brands that give back to those in need. Following the one-for-one model popularized by brands like TOMS Shoes, these brands that truly exemplify the idea of good design meets doing good.

1. This Bar Saves Lives

Every 12 seconds, a child loses the battle against severe acute malnutrition. Horrifying, right? This Bar Saves Lives aims to combat this global problem by giving a packet of life-saving food with every purchase of the company’s delicious and healthy gourmet bars. You get to eat healthy and give a child the nutrition he or she needs.

2. The Little Bee Co.

No baby deserves to live unclothed and unprotected. With every diaper purchased, The Little Bee Co. donates a cloth diaper to an orphan in need. Each diaper comes in colors representative of a specific group of children in need.

3. 141 Eyewear

Thinking of getting a new pair of specs? Head on over to 141 Eyewear for a pair of stylish and eco-friendly glasses to keep you productive and effective at work. With each purchase, a pair is donated to a person in need.

4. BoGo Light

Built with mounted solar panels, high-efficiency LED lights and a compact and rugged design, the BoGo Lightmakes it possible to bring a safe and renewable light source to communities around the world. When you buy one flashlight, another is donated to a family, a school or a charity of your choice.

5. Happy Blankies by Everything Happy

Happy Blankies are your favorite stuffed animals and comfy blankies rolled into one. Under the “one to love, one to give” philosophy, a Happy Blankies product is donated to a child at a hospital or orphanage for every product sold.Oh, did we mention Happy Blankies founder David Holdridge is 7 years old?

6. People Water

When a new well is built or an old well is repaired, you give communities another chance to have healthy drinking water. People Water’s Drop for Drop movement aims to achieve this through an innovative one-for-one model where a bottle of People Water sold equals the same amount of clean water given to a person in need.

7. Better World Books

No matter where you are in the world, you can give someone the gift of reading through Better World Books. Driven to bring literacy to families around the globe, the company launched its Book for Book program: A book sold means a book donated to one of Better World’s two nonprofit literacy partners: Books for Africa and Feed the Children.


Could the one-for-one model work for the medical field? For entrepreneurs Heather Hasson and Trina Spear, it sure can!FIGS breaks the tradition of boxy, boring and uncomfortable medical wear by giving healthcare providers the apparel they need to do their jobs. Through the Threads for Threads campaign, every purchase means a set of clean FIGS scrubs is given to a healthcare provider in need.

9. DOG for DOG

Let’s not forget that our furry companions deserve a happier and healthier life, too. DOG for DOG is a brand of all-natural, grain-free dog food dedicated to giving all dogs delicious and nutritious food. Buy a Dog for Dog item and the same item is donated to a dog in need.

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