9 Green Coworking Spaces

9 Green Coworking Spaces

We love coworking spaces and how they cultivate impact and entrepreneurship. So when we heard about “green coworking” we began scouting for some of the best green coworking spaces around the world. Here are our top nine picks if you’re looking for a beautiful and eco-friendly place to get work done.

1. Green Spaces (RiNo Arts District of Denver)

Dedicated to supporting eco and socially conscious entrepreneurs, Green Spaces provides green amenities such as reclaimed wood planter boxes throughout the space, a native and organic garden with outdoor seating, a car-sharing hub and shared bicycles. All 12,500 square feet of Green Spaces are powered 100 percent by solar energy and open 24/7 to all members. Pricing: Starts at $75/month for three-day use

2. Eco-Systm (SOMA District of San Francisco)

Eco-Systm is an eco-conscious coworking space that empowers members with tools for social change and global transformation. Eco-Systm’s close partnerships with social entrepreneurs and local nonprofits enable members to cultivate and implement great ideas that make an impact. Pricing: Starts at $25 for a one-day pass

3. SF Green Space (Yerba Buena District of San Francisco)

SF Green Space features three event rooms to host small meetings and conferences. The place is purely LED-lit and is built with a wide range of green features, such as recycled rubber and cork flooring and recycling/composting stations. Pricing: For info, call 844-445-2307

4. Impact Hub Bay Area (Berkeley, San Francisco and Oakland)

All Bay Area branches of Impact Hub thrive on enriching their communities with eco-friendly spaces where new ideas are put to the test before being unleashed to the outside world. Pricing: Starts at $30 for virtual membership in Berkeley and San Francisco branches, with discounts on space usage and amenities

5. Grind (New York and Chicago)

Grind prides itself on being the “world’s first unworkspace.” It welcomes “free radicals” who challenge the concept of a traditional office. Open spaces at Grind are sustainable and green, from the LED lighting to the repurposed floors. Pricing: Starts at $40 for one person/day; custom pricing for groups

6. CitiCoHo with Philly Nexus (Philadelphia)

CityCoHo in partnership with Philly Nexus is a cozy and certified green workspace in the Philadelphia area. Aiming for a LEED Platinum certification, CityCoHo has taken every aspect of the space into consideration, from the roof and windows to the plumbing and the energy management. Pricing: Starting at $30 for one day per month

7. icecairo (Downtown Cairo, Egypt)

icecairo is part of the international network of icehubs coworking spaces. (Other locations are in Ethiopia and Germany.) The “ice” in icecairo stands for Innovation, Cooperation and Entrepreneurship, and those are its reasons for existing. It brings individuals together to create a “green community.” Pricing: For info, call +20 2 2390-3874 or email info@icecairo.com.

8. CoCoon (Hong Kong)

CoCoon offers regular idea-sharing and networking events where members are encouraged to engage in business and integrate social responsibility into their work. Membership is by invitation only. Candidates undergo a rigorous application process and are selected based on their skills and talents that can uplift the community. Pricing: Starts at HK$300 for day pass

9. Huckletree (Clerkenwell, London)

The design for Huckletree’s shared workspace shows its dedication to the environment. Sustainable and eco-friendly, recycled materials are used for flooring and furniture, and members observe a strict waste management policy. Printing is discouraged, but if needed, the paper provided by Huckletree is chlorine-free and mostly made of recycled material. Fees from printing services are donated to Trees for Cities. Pricing: Info available after you book a visit

Much love and gratitude,
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