9 Jewelry Designers That Give Back

9 Jewelry Designers That Give Back

At DesignGood, we’re suckers for good jewelry and feel downright incomplete without our favorite pieces. But when it comes to our jewelry and whom we buy it from, not just any source will do. As with our clothing, the crafters who make the jewelry, where they source their materials and how they run their businesses truly matter to us. That’s why we’re bringing you our favorite jewelry designers today. Each company on our list both makes beautiful pieces and contributes to causes that are as awe-inspiring as their designs.

1. Lydali

Aside from ethical production methods and gorgeous pieces, the beautiful thing about this jewelry/accessory/home goods line is how it shares the stories of the artisans who produce everything Lydali sells. Search for products the traditional way – by category – or by artisan, so you can learn about the person and the story behind every product.

2. Starfish Project

The earrings, bracelets and necklaces from Starfish Project do a whole lot more than just look pretty – they also help save lives. Starfish works with exploited women in Asia, providing shelter, health care, counseling and more, in addition to employment. And Starfish is looking to expand. This is one jewelry line – and organization in general – you don’t want to ignore.

3. Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Everything at Portland-based Pigeon Toe Ceramics is special, but we’re particularly lusting after the jewelry. Owner Lisa Jones’ expertise in product design quickly becomes apparent when you see the shapes and raw materials used in each necklace and bangle. All pieces are completely handmade to order in Lisa’s Portland studio (no Portlandia jokes, please) with an emphasis on craft, quality and purpose.

4. Matterial Fix

Matterial Fix is inspired by charities that are empowering girls. So inspired, in fact, that 10 percent of every jewelry sale goes to a charity working to help girls in the areas that need it most. On every product page on Matterial Fix’s site, you can read about and see photos of the charity that will receive your donation, and find out the exact amount from your purchase that will be donated.

5. The Little Market

The Little Market works with artisans all over the globe to produce colorful beaded bracelets. And when we say “all over,” we mean it: Artisans and small businesses in 12 countries work closely with the designers at The Little Market to produce bracelets, scarves, decor and other giftables. Congratulations, DesignGood-ers – you’ve just found your new online gift-giving destination.

6. NightLight Design

International organization NightLight has given itself a mission to do “whatever it takes” to put an end to commercial sexual exploitation around the world. With branches in Bangkok, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Branson, Mo., NightLight produces jewelry that goes to support the organization and its outstanding efforts.

7. Christine Mighion

Jewelry designer Christine Mighion is a girl after our own heart: Just after graduating from college, she moved to Hawaii on a whim, took some metalsmithing classes and started selling her jewelry in local galleries. She has since left Hawaii and made her way to the Midwest, but her adventurous spirit and love of nature are evident in her jewelry. Important to note: Each piece is handmade from recycled, organic materials, and proceeds go toward supporting environmental conservation charities.

8. Noonday Collection

What started out as a fundraising project to help founder Jessica Honegger adopt her third child from Rwanda has turned into an inspiring, creative small business with a very large reach. Noonday works with hostesses and ambassadors who help bring the work of jewelry designers and artisans to the large U.S. consumer market through parties, in-home sales and social gatherings. Kind of like an Avon lady, but for social good…and with super-stylish jewelry. Best. Idea. Ever.

9. River Song Jewelry

Supporting local crafters, fair-trade practices and artisans based around the globe, River Song began in 2004 as the owners’ reprieve from organic farming. Pick up a friendship bracelet or some studs either online or at the Seattle store, and don’t forget to check out the vibrant Mexican artwork.

Much love and gratitude,
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