One Powerful Step to Help Your Business Get Through the Pandemic

One Powerful Step to Help Your Business Get Through the Pandemic

These past few months have been a rough ride for a lot of businesses. And, unfortunately, we're not going "back to normal" anytime soon. As we continue to live in a world filled with uncertainty, you’re likely asking yourself what you can be doing right now to ensure that your business survives and thrives. What does it make sense to focus on and invest in when we aren’t sure what’s coming next?

Our answer to questions like this one is always the same: Create an authentic brand that reflects who you are and that connects with the people you want to work with. Brand building is always important, but in this era of remote work and social distancing, it could make all the difference in whether your business stays afloat.

What Does Branding Really Mean?

"Branding" can be one of those fuzzy terms that mean different things to different people. So let's start by getting clear on what your brand really is.

At DesignGood, we define your brand as everything someone thinks about when they think about your business. It’s how it makes them feel, it’s what they visualize and it’s the words and the stories you use to connect with them.

What your audience perceives and believes about your brand will influence how they make decisions. Your brand serves as both a validator and a way for you to charge what you’re worth. When your brand feels polished and professional, your audience assumes that you are capable and effective.

Why Your Brand Is Working Overtime Now

Your brand is at work even when you are not. Even before the pandemic, potential clients were their homework on you online before you even met. When someone refers you to a friend, your website or social is what they likely share.

These days, of course, in-person meetings are limited. The days of signing clients over coffee are over, and you’re relying on your online presence more than ever. Today your audience is more likely to first encounter you via your website, your LinkedIn page or your Instagram feed. And those channels are only effective when you have an authentic, intentional brand behind them.

Take a look at your website and social media presence through the eyes of a prospect who is just becoming aware of your business.

  • Does your branding give off the same energy that you do in person?
  • Does your online presence look as polished and professional as you are, or does it leave the impression that you cut corners or that you aren’t up to date? 
  • Is it clear what you do and what results you create for your audience?
  • Would your target customer or client feel "Ah! I'm in the right place" when visiting your website or social channels?
  • Do you feel impressed when you look at your website or marketing collateral? People remember the “wow.” They don't remember the mediocre. 

If you answered "no" to those questions, then your brand isn't making the same first impression that you do in person. And that is costing you money.

Resources to Build Your Brand

Working on your brand will continue to yield payoffs long after we're back to face-to-face meetings. A clear and powerful brand builds credibility, connects with your audience and even energizes and inspires you.

As you start thinking about your brand, here's just a sampling of the other resources from DesignGood that can help:

And if you'd like an experienced partner to guide you through building or upleveling a brand, let's chat. Just fill out our Get Started form to schedule a call with me.

Much love and gratitude,
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