9 Go-to Sites for Your Next Desktop Wallpaper

9 Go-to Sites for Your Next Desktop Wallpaper

If you haven’t changed out your desktop wallpaper in a while, it’s time to give your eyes something new to feast upon. Only the most creative wallpapers will do for DesignGooders’ desktops, so we’re sharing the sources we’re addicted to. (Tip: Choose the screen resolution closest to your current display to get the most out of your new desktop wallpaper. Have fun!)

1. Dress Your Tech by Design Love Fest

If you’re into vibrant colors, watercolor brushstrokes and motivational statements that get the creative juices pumping, drop by Design Love Fest for its weekly serving of Dress Your Tech, where artists contribute a collection of wallpapers for the community to download.

2. The Desktop Wallpaper Project by The Fox is Black

Every Wednesday, you’ll get a new curated wallpaper at The Desktop Wallpaper Project by The Fox is Black, a design and culture blog that’s been rocking the design world since 2007. Each wallpaper has an interesting story behind its selection and the featured artist.

3. Desktop Wallpaper Calendars by Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine readers flock to the site on the first day of each month to grab copies of the latest desktop wallpaper calendars to start the month right. The wallpapers are designed with different themes and by talented creatives from around the world.

4. Good Fucking Design Advice

For some no-BS, kick-in-the-gut advice to get you working on that client project, try a Good Fucking Design Advice wallpaper. In fact, we’re such huge fans of the GFDA guys that we interviewed them to get to know their story.

5. Kuvva (OS X App)

Kuvva is the marketplace to discover, appreciate and purchase illustrations from talented creatives. The platform comes with its own Mac OS X desktop app, which transforms illustrations into desktop wallpapers for you to use.Price: $4.99

6. Desktops by Fifty Foot Shadows

Beautiful photography has always been a staple for desktop wallpapers. Fifty Foot Shadows by photographer, musician and writer John Carey excels in quality and descriptive storytelling.

7. Designer Desktops by Design Milk

Still can’t get enough desktop wallpapers by talented creatives? Design Milk introduces a design-centered desktop wallpaper each month, plus an in-review roundup of wallpapers at the end of each year.

8. Simple Desktops

Want a beautiful and minimalistic wallpaper free of distraction? You’ll love Simple Desktops by product designer Tom Watson, a collection of curated desktop wallpapers designed to keep you inspired and focused.

9. Ghostly Wallpapers

Our final pick is an archive of designer wallpapers curated by the design and cultural blog Ghostly International. You’ll find collections of artistic backgrounds by renowned designers and artists like Michael Cina and Brandon Locher.DesignGooders, we want to see your desktop wallpapers! Post a screenshot in the comments, or tell us which one of these websites you’ll be visiting for your next screen candy.

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