9 Fair Trade Brands With Great Design

9 Fair Trade Brands With Great Design

We’re all about great design and craftsmanship here at DesignGood. For this week’s Design9, we present nine fair trade brands that not only bring gorgeous products to our shelves, but also make a huge impact in the lives of artisans, craftsmen and makers around the world.

1. Purse & Clutch

Set aside the pricey designer accessories for a beautiful Purse & Clutch original. This brand features handcrafted handbags, clutches and accessories by artisans around the world. We love the brand so much that we reached out to founder Jen Lewis to hear her story.

2. Made UK

From golden bangles to silver hoop earrings, Made UK helps you be your most beautiful through great jewelry design, sustainability and transparency. Each piece is “handmade with love” by a talented and skilled artisan using safe and eco-friendly materials.

3. No Nasties

No Nasties brings high-quality, 100 percent organic clothing to India, where every aspect of the brand is natural, fair and awesome. Not sure where to start? We recommend checking out the printed tees or awesome tank tops.

4. Teysha

Teysha partners with Latin American artisans and craftsmen to bring beautiful and quality leather products to consumers around the country. Read our DesignGood feature on how Teysha is making a difference.

5. Anchal Project

anchal (ahn-chal) n. the edge of a sari used to provide comfort and protection for loved onesThe Anchal Project features beautiful and handmade scarves, totes and other textile products by women artisans and makers in India. The brand helps bring these women out of the sex trade through employment opportunities, design thinking and creativity.

6. Madécasse

From its gorgeous packaging to its social impact, we can’t get enough of Madécasse, a brand of Madagascar chocolates dedicated to making and producing chocolate and vanilla products entirely in Africa.

7. GAIA Empowered Women

GAIA Empowered Women gives resettled refugee women a chance to rebuild and renew themselves through creativity and employment opportunities. Proceeds from each GAIA creation sold go back to skills training and giving these women a fair living wage.

8. Nisolo

Smart, professional and 100 percent fair trade, Nisolo is a fashion brand determined to reconnect consumers with producers around the world. You’ll find a wide range of gorgeous leather goods handcrafted by skilled craftsmen from northern Peru.

9. Alter Eco

Edouard Rollet and Mathieu Senard believe healthy and delicious food shouldn’t come at a hefty price. They co-founded Alter Eco, a brand of wholesome, sustainable and delicious foods rooted in improved relationships between farmer, foodie and field.

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