What Makes You Special? Your Unique Process or Method

What Makes You Special? Your Unique Process or Method

You know your product or service is unique, and no one else out there is doing things quite like you are. So why don't your prospective clients or customers seem to understand this? Why are they buying from or hiring competitors who don't measure up to what you offer?

 What we've found — both through our own work and through building successful brands for our clients — is that the answer often comes down to what it's like to work with you and how you communicate that. In other words, do you have a unique process or method, and are you telling your audience about it? Today, we want to help you define your process and share it with your dream audience to get them excited about working with you.

Yes, You DO Have a Process

 Right now, you might be thinking something like this: "What are they talking about? I don't really have a process or method."

 You're not alone. A lot of other entrepreneurs and business owners believe this, too. But they're underestimating themselves. And so are you!

 If you have steps you take to consistently create results for your clients or customers and to consistently give them a memorable experience, then you have a process or method.

 Here are a few examples to show you what we mean:

  • DesignGood's high-vibe brand method.
  • DesignGood clients A Good First Date explain what they do as dating coaches with a graphic showing their four-stage process.
  • On the website of Lagree HTX, another DesignGood client, you can learn exactly what happens in their workout classes before visiting the studio.
  • Similarly, DesignGood client Joshua Smith uses his website to answer any questions that visitors might have about his coaching process.

Your process or method doesn't have to be complicated or fancy. Clients just want to see that you have a system for working through their problems, whatever they might be. You shouldn't be starting from scratch here. More likely, defining your process just means getting clear on how you work. As you do, realize these two things: 1) You probably do work in a distinctive way, even if you don't realize it yet, and  2) Your method or process is a HUGE part of what defines your business.

What Your Process Tells Customers

 Many businesses overlook the fact that their audience wants to hear about their process or method. You might be assuming that testimonials, case studies or your portfolio tell potential clients or customers all they need to know. And, yes, all of those things are important. But they're only part of your business' story. As you share proof of the results you create, also share how you created those results. This accomplishes several things:

  • It shows your credibility. People want to buy from or work with the business that's the very best at meeting their needs or solving their problem. Having a well-honed process or method shows that you're thorough, serious and awesome at what you do. (And that, in turn, enables you to charge what you're really worth.)
  • It helps you stand out. Your prospective clients or customers have lots of choices. Your process or method is the main thing that sets you apart from their other options. It’s something only you can do. 
  • It builds trust. Especially if the work you do is highly personal (for example, coaching or teaching), a prospect doesn't just want to see that you can create results for them. They also want to understand what it will be like to work with you. Showing them your process or method helps them envision this.
  • It turns customers into advocates. There's nothing better than a happy customer or client referring other people to you. Your process or method gives them a handy framework they can use to talk you up. ("This business is awesome – they've got a three-step process that made everything easy.")

 How to Talk About the Way You Work

 So how can you attract more customers or clients with your process or method?

  • The first step is clarifying for yourself the way that you work. Imagine that you are teaching someone else how to do the work you do. Write down all the steps that you go through. If you have team members, get their input, too. Capturing everything will probably take a few tries. As you work on different projects, you'll notice steps you forgot to write down. That's OK — just go back and add them. (By the way, there's a bonus to doing all of this work. Refining your process or method doesn't just help you communicate with your audience. It also helps you work more efficiently.)
  • Once you have everything captured, now create a version of your process or method that includes just the parts that are relevant to your customer or client. What shows them your uniqueness? What will help them understand what it's like to work with you? How do the parts of your process translate into a really successful end result?
  • Can you name this process or method? A thoughtful name strengthens your branding and makes it easier for your customers or clients to talk about your work. The name you choose should align with you are, the work you’re doing or perhaps even the results people can expect after working with you.  
  • Think about how the different settings where you'll be telling prospects the story of how you can work together. Those will range from your website to your social media channels to other marketing materials to in-person meetings. Each one will require a slightly different approach. For example, you'll talk about your method or process in more depth during a call or meeting than you will over social media. But the common thread is that you should always use client-centered language. Describe what they'll experience working with you in terms they can understand, not jargon of buzzwords from your field. Explain how the steps you'll go through together will address their needs or concerns. To make information easier to process, consider using tools like graphics or videos.


When you tell a compelling story about what it's like to work with you, you're essentially "selling without selling." You're building authentic trust, connection and excitement even before someone contacts you.


For more tips on describing your method or process, pick up a copy of our guide "How to Create and Write a Great Website." Or, for one-on-one guidance,

shoot us an email or schedule a call with me.

Much love and gratitude,
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