Create Your Own Niche: What You Do + Who You Serve = Your Unique Niche

Create Your Own Niche: What You Do + Who You Serve = Your Unique Niche

You’re engaged, you’re passionate, you’re high-vibe. Once you clearly communicate what it is you do do, you’ll attract precisely the kind of clients and customers you really want, and who will be excited to work with you. Then, you can get to work drawing them in, and making an impact. And if you're still struggling with being a “freelancer” vs. a “solopreneur” or “brand”, having a high level of understanding when it comes to clients, and your niche, can get you running the business of your dreams.

A high-vibe approach

We talked a lot about how to identify your expertise last week. So while you’re taking the time to focus on what you’re an expert at, be sure you really love it, too. That passion is part of being a high-vibe entrepreneur, and it’s probably why you got into business in the first place. If you don’t love your work your clients will pick up on it. Ask yourself: What can you offer your clients and customers that you will be stoked to deliver? What gets you excited? What keeps you motivated? What do you know you can knock out of the park every time?

You are the best at something. Generalists aren’t sought out because no one knows exactly what they’d hire them for. So, to be your best self, and for your business to thrive, it’s important to zero in on exactly what makes you and your products or services unique.

How can I narrow my niche?

Be specific about who you serve. It’s not enough to say you work with women or men, or even within a specific industry. Consumers have evolved, and they want to give their money to people and brands that really get them on a deeper level. Here are some areas to look at when narrowing down your client niche:

  • Age or Life Milestones
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Industry
  • Types of business
  • Size
  • Location
  • Hobbies, interest, passions
  • Affiliations or associations
  • Personal challenges
  • Commonalities and shared experiences

Let’s take DesignGood as an example. We love working with high-vibe entrepreneurs who have very specific characteristics. We can relate to entrepreneurs (especially those creating service-based businesses) because we are also running a small service-based business. We know the struggles, and what works and doesn’t work. Our expertise is in creating highly-customized, meaningful brands that get noticed; we know it’s what our audiences need. In our work, the industry our clients are in isn’t actually much of a consideration for us; it’s more about personality type and where they are in their entrepreneurial journey. We also consider company size in potential clients; we specialize in working with solopreneurs, micro-businesses, and small businesses. We offer a blend of services and guidance that is the right fit for these specific kinds of clients. Because we are so specialized, when on an initial call with a potential client, we can tell within 10 minutes if they are the right fit.

Why does it work?

When you get clear on your target market, it makes it possible for clients to self-identify themselves when they read through your website, before you even meet them for the first time. Being clear about who they are, and who you work with prevents you from having to sell what you do. By simply explaining what you do in benefits-first language aimed at your ideal client, they’ll instantly know you’re a perfect fit, and you can charge a premium price because you’re so specialized in your expertise.

And remember, you don’t need to try to be all things to all people. Especially if you’re a solopreneur, micro-business, or small business, you just need a handful of well-paying clients that you can do amazing work for. The pipeline will build itself. Don’t be afraid to let go of offerings that don’t really serve your focused niche.

People Pay For Process

There’s value in your process. When you’ve been doing what you do for long enough to have the process down, it makes you incredibly valuable. So be sure to document and sell it appropriately. Take the time to dissect your process and capture the method (or the steps) you use when working through a project. Clients are paying for your process. It is unique to you; it’s your custom approach to taking care of your clients. This is what sets you apart. Own it!

We love helping entrepreneurs zero in on their niche and define their ideal audience. It’s what makes high-vibe businesses truly successful. Your brand should help strengthen your offerings, and clearly communicate what you do, so that the perfect customers can find you. Maybe you need a little push to stop doing the things that drain you, and focus 100% of your efforts on the things that bring true value to your clients (and fill you with joy)!

No matter where you are in your process of finding and communicating your niche, we can help. Schedule a call today to get started.

Much love and gratitude,
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