Success in Business Begins with Self-Care

Success in Business Begins with Self-Care

Entrepreneurs carry a lot on their shoulders, and there are a lot of misconceptions around self-sacrifice and success. But none of us got into business for ourselves to give less time to our friends and family, skip vacations, or miss our workouts. On the contrary. We started our companies for quite opposite reasons.

I was that business owner who sat at my desk from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. I thought people had to see me working all of the time to know that I was dedicated to my business and my brand. I thought I was setting a good example for my staff and my clients of what “hard work” looked like. But what I thought was “dedication” was literally crushing my soul.

I’ve since learned that the world doesn’t fall apart if you get up from your computer at 5 p.m. to attend your favorite yoga class. But for years, I honestly thought it did.

As it turns out, when we give our bodies and our minds the support they need, we have more to give to our clients, our teams, and the people we care most about.

What are you missing out on that’s important to you?

We’re writing this post because we work with entrepreneurs who face this issue all the time. It’s totally natural to experience burnout — especially in the first year of building a business! When we get busy, self-care tends to go on the chopping block. When work is hectic, we have a tendency to go into full-on panic mode. I should know. I spent a good 10 years in a panic-and-grind state. It’s surprisingly easy to do, and shockingly counter productive.

Consider how operating in that state of low energy affects your work and your clients. It’s not good. How can you give your clients what they need when you’re not giving yourself what you need? And then resentment sets in when you truly believe you “have to” miss that fitness class, the weekend getaway, or those bike rides that used to give you so much enjoyment. Or when you start eating crap food because you’re always on the go.

Every time I’ve neglected myself, my business has suffered, too. So I’ve learned to incorporate self-care into my weekly routines. For me, manicures, spin class, hot yoga, and pre-prepared healthy foods are now non-negotiable. I know I won’t have time to cook when getting to a yoga class takes priority, so I pick up dinner for the entire week from Snap Kitchen. It might seem small, but it makes a big difference in how I show up in my business and in the world.

Putting your mind and your body first are more important than putting your business first.

Here’s the thing: Your clients hire you because they want the fully fueled, lit up, inspired version of you! When you skip the things that fill you up, you’re actually giving your clients less of you.

All the high-vibe entrepreneurs we know share one trait in common: They practice radical self-care.

Self-care and wellness are more than buzzwords. High-vibe entrepreneurs value their body and mind because they know that to show up for others, you have to first show up for yourself. When you invest in your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health, it raises your energy and consciousness. To be of the best service to your clients and your tribe, you have to be filled up, not wiped out.

From desk to dinner, there are a million ways to make time and space for self-care — large and small. (But you have to stop “doing” for a minute to implement them.) Here are some tips to get you started on making time and space for yourself:

  • Standardize: Take a step back and spend a little time now to standardize and document your business and sales processes. You’ll save a lot of time later.
  • Templatize and Automate: Create templates for documents or emails you use over and over again. Use automation tools to put business tasks on autopilot.
  • Minimize: Cut down on your emails by shifting the bulk of your communications to a project and business management tool like Asana, Harvest, and 17Hats.
  • Outsource: Stay focused on the things you do best and outsource the rest by hiring a virtual assistant or bookkeeper.
  • Have it Delivered: Sign up for delivery services for meals, groceries, and office supplies. It may be a little more expensive, but a small price to pay for your valuable time.
  • Meditate: Use an app like Calm to remind you to take regular meditation breaks. Taking this space for yourself before your work day can actually help you be more productive and effective throughout the day.

(We love this stuff, so reach out if you want to brainstorm together!)

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you."

(We love this quote from Ann Lamott.) So what fills you up? Think about ways you can nurture your inner life. Stay inspired. And put yourself first. Reset by stepping away from your laptop to take a walk and connect with nature. Rejuvenate by taking a class, attending a conference, or reading a new book (even if it is on business). Catch up with your bestie or get inspired by working with a coach who gives you support and keeps you on track.

Here’s my challenge for you:

Pinpoint the things that are important to you outside of your business — the activities that bring you joy and help you reset and reconnect. Then commit to doing just one of those things this week. And when you’re ready to take it further, incorporate it into your regular routine. These tips can help you invest in yourself to sustain success for the long-term:

  • Start Small: If your routine doesn’t include regular self-care, start with one small thing that’s both reasonable to accomplish and repeatable over time.
  • Schedule It In: Mark the time you’ve set aside on your calendar so that you have a reminder to your commitment — both for yourself and anyone who might try to use that time for something else.
  • Put It On Repeat: If you’ve done it once, you can do it again. Put your self-care plan on repeat.
  • Record and Recall: Jot down how you feel after your self-care session. Look back at your notes when you’re tempted to jettison your plan.
  • Remember: What you give to yourself, you give to your clients. An investment in yourself is an investment in your business.

When we help our clients create their brands and businesses, we also help them take work-life balance into consideration. All of our packages include our Brand Training and Toolkit, where we discuss how to stay inspired and create a business that supports you and the life you want to live. Schedule a call today to chat with me!

Much love and gratitude,
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