What Is a High-Vibe Entrepreneur?

What Is a High-Vibe Entrepreneur?

At DesignGood, our philosophy is high-vibe entrepreneurship. And we love working with like-minded entrepreneurs. So what makes this way of doing business so special — and so powerful? In the coming weeks, we’ll be teaching you how to create a high-vibe business and life. Today, we’re kicking things off by looking at the essential qualities of high-vibe entrepreneurs.

1) You Believe That Life Is About Doing Something That You Love

For you, work is about more than money. It’s about making a contribution and leaving your mark in this world. You live for the satisfaction of doing something that lights you up and taps your gifts and passions. You plot your course based on what feels most authentic and fulfilling to you.

2) You See Things Differently

You have a knack for looking at situations creatively and bringing a fresh perspective. You see needs in the marketplace and can identify when there’s a better way to do something. You love the idea of breaking the mold or changing the conversation.

3) You Create Your Own Path in Life and in Business

You have your own ideas and desires and the power and motivation to make them a reality.

4) Your Dreams Are Fueled By Your Purpose

For as long as you can remember, your life has been about your passions and talents. Working for someone else has never satisfied you and it never will. Instead, you define success by building the business of your dreams with your unique talents and gifts.

5) You Thrive On Genuine Human Connection

However high-tech the world becomes, you know that success is really about meaningful relationships. You believe in bringing your full, authentic self to your work and connecting with the people who respond to who you truly are.

6) You Crave Knowledge, and Share It Freely

High-vibe entrepreneurs are knowledge seekers and teachers. Your curiosity is boundless. You get fired up about fresh ideas and new ways of doing things – especially when it comes to business. And you generously share what you’ve learned with others so that they can thrive, too.

7) You Feel a Great Sense Of Purpose

A sense of meaning at work is absolutely essential. To feel satisfied, you want to feel that you’re making an impact and that you’re connected with others.

8) You’re Part of a Tribe

What keeps you — and your business — going? Community, support and advice from people who have also chosen to grow and evolve in this new space. You have built a community around you of like-minded people. You attract others like you, and you know your success has a domino effect. You are supported by a tribe, and you cheer on the success of the people surrounding you on your journey.

9) You Know What You’re Worth

Money isn’t everything, but you’re here to live an abundant life in every way. Your talents are unique, and you’re comfortable being compensated appropriately for the value you create. For you, money is currency and currency is energy — and you know the exchange of energy should be balanced.

10) You Practice Radical Self-Care

Self-care and wellness are more than buzzwords. You value your body and mind, and know that to show up for others you first have to show up for yourself. You invest in your mental, physical and emotional health because it raises your energy and consciousness.

11) You Know The Work You’re Meant To Do…

You know what you’re best at. In fact, your clients hire you (or buy from you) because you work within your purpose and do it with a passion. You do your best and shine the brightest when you’re doing the work you were created to do.

12) … And You Acknowledge That One Person Can’t Do Everything

You understand your time is valuable and accept that you can’t do it all. You know that valuing your time means knowing how and when to pass a task off to someone else, and you’ve grown to understand that getting help means you can spread your light even further.

If you recognize yourself in these descriptions, stay tuned: Over the next couple of months, we’ll be your high-vibe guides with more inspiring blog posts. And if you’re ready for a like-minded partner to help you build your brand, give us a call to learn more.

Much love and gratitude,
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