Writing for Social Media: 3 Key Tips

We’re all busy these days. Crazy busy. Just like you, your audience will fly through their social media feeds to get news, see the latest industry trends and find new products or services. Since you may have your social media followers’ attention for only a fraction of a second, you must get across quickly what you want them to do next. When you’re writing for social media, follow these tips to drive action.

1. Always Have a Call to Action

Creatively written posts, witty one-liners and inspirational quotes help build your brand voice on social media. But effective writing for social media also means including calls to action. You must tell your audience what to do. Do you want followers to read your latest blog post? Then tell them. Do you want to show off your shop’s new leather bag? Point them in the right direction. Need some ideas for call-to-action words? Download, take, read, sign up, learn more, follow, enter. Phrase your calls to action creatively; just make sure they get your point across.

2. Provide a Link to Your Website

You must tell your audience what to do.

You will not convert if a potential customer has to take more than two steps to find what you are selling. So make it really easy for your social followers to reach your business’s online home. On Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, add the link to the page you want people to visit (whether that’s your home page, your latest blog article or the “new products” section of your online store) to your post. The link will populate with a thumbnail photo and a brief description. Instagram is a little more complicated. With promoted posts, people can click on the image and be taken directly to your website. On Instagram posts that you aren’t promoting, use your caption to let your followers know that they can find the link in your profile. On Pinterest, if you upload a photo directly from your computer, don’t forget to take the extra step of adding the link.

3. Use Your Words Wisely

When you’re writing for social media, less is more. On social media channels, people want to digest short bits of information. Don’t make customers scroll through lots of copy to get to your call to action — because they simply won’t. If you feel the need to write a longer post, make sure to tell your audience what you want them to do in the first 140 characters.

Need help creating a social media strategy that drives conversions? We are here to help you craft a social media experience that will appeal to the customers you want to attract.  

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