Why Authentic Customer Communication is Vital to Building Your Brand

Why Authentic Customer Communication is Vital to Building Your Brand

Authentic customer communication.

As an entrepreneur, what’s the first thing you think of when you hear that phrase? We all spend a lot of time thinking about how we can improve the products and services we offer to our clients, but then what? How do we communicate and connect with a potential customer from that moment forward? What about maintaining relationships with existing or past clients? One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is nurture these connections and relationships.

To start, let’s take a look at your current communication strategy, and how to build a plan to ensure optimal connection.

Connecting With New Clients

Put yourself in a client’s shoes for a moment. You want your clients to have confidence in you and your process, and initial contact is the first chance to provide them with that trust. To do this in an effective way for both entrepreneur and client, make sure you have clear communication tools and channels. There should be multiple ways for a customer to contact you on your website and that should be clear and easy to find. You never want a client to have to look for ways to contact you — or they may not. Contact forms, easy-to-find links, call scheduling tools, and pop-ups with clear, friendly language reminding customers how much you want to hear from them help to make this first contact easier.

Bonding With Potential Clients

Your newsletter list is made up of potential clients: These are the hopefuls who may be on your email list, downloaded a PDF or tool from your website or may have even spoken to you but haven’t hired you — yet. It’s important to remember the value of effective communication with them in case they want to hire you in the future. To maintain these important relationships, be consistent with your email marketing. Create content that is specific to them and post it in places where you know they’ll see it — LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels. Think about their needs by creating tools — downloadable PDFs, books, podcasts — and giving these valuable documents away for free. Speaking at events, holding workshops and other things that will position you as an expert are also key parts of your communication strategy. The idea is to plant the seed and continuously remind these valuable potentials that you’re an expert in your field, a clear communicator and someone who is open for business — so that when the time comes for them to hire someone, they’ll consider you.

Maintaining Your Existing Clients

Cultivating relationships with existing clients is one of the most overlooked parts of communication. You never want a client to feel forgotten or undervalued. The key is creating a process surrounding how often you’ll communicate with these valuable clients. From weekly calls to monthly progress reports and more, we recommend you document what you do while you do it so that you’re able to clearly and effectively communicate your process with clients. This will improve your confidence and your client’s confidence in their project and your brand. Everyone wins.

Maintaining clear, targeted communication is particularly important you High-Vibe Entrepreneurs. After all, you know what your business purpose and what you’re here to do, you know who you’re here to serve and you’re an expert at communicating in an authentic and effective way.

Ready to make a change? Schedule a call today. Our team will get you set up visually, help you with content ideas, as well as provide tips for making the whole process of authentic customer communication easier to manage.

Much love and gratitude,
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