How to Be a More Compassionate (and Successful) Entrepreneur

How to Be a More Compassionate (and Successful) Entrepreneur

 As high-vibe entrepreneurs, we build our businesses and our lives around our passions. How many websites and social media profiles have you seen that say "passionate about ________"?

This is as it should be. Your brand will stand out only when you infuse it with your authentic passions.

But passion is only part of the story. High-vibe entrepreneurship is built equally on passion and compassion. Compassion is about recognizing someone's pain points or needs, feeling concern and connection and then taking action to ease their pain or solve their problems.

Compassion creates meaning in your business. It's the key to fulfilling your highest ambitions for your brand and for yourself.  

At DesignGood, we've seen that the happiest and most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who bring compassion to all aspects of their businesses. Here's how you can follow their lead.

Show Compassion to Your Clients

If you've explored our High-Vibe Entrepreneur Method, you know that one of the most important things we ask you to do is to get super-clear on who your client is, what their pain points are and how you can help them.

When it comes down to it, this is all so you can show compassion to your clients. They want to feel that you understand them and care about them. They can sense when you genuinely want to make life better for them.

Compassion for your clients means creating services and products that specifically serve their needs and solve their problems. But it also means infusing care and empathy into their entire experience with you. Even your website can demonstrate your compassion for clients by anticipating and answering their questions and by speaking to them in a way they can relate to.

Be Compassionate With Your Team

Whether you have full-time employees or partner with contractors, showing compassion to anyone you work with can also strengthen your business. It raises your energy, and it raises your team’s energy, too. 

Remember the humanity of your collaborators (which isn't always easy if you interact with them mostly via email or Slack). They have their own goals, aspirations and lives outside of your work together. Demonstrate compassion in the way you communicate, deliver feedback and manage everyone's workloads. If you have employees, you could even make showing compassion to each other an official part of your company culture.

 Extend Compassion to Yourself

 Now let's talk about the thing that entrepreneurs tend to have the most trouble with: being compassionate with themselves.

Speaking from experience, I know business owners beat themselves up over the smallest of things. We take on so much — sales, marketing, finances, management — and somehow expect that we should be able to do it all perfectly.

But being this hard on yourself isn't actually good for your business. After all, it's difficult to show compassion for your clients and your team if you have none for yourself. Remember, your brand is a reflection of you. When you lack self-compassion, it just throws everything off. But when you can find ways to be kinder and gentler with yourself, it raises your vibration, and your audience will respond.

Practicing self-compassion keeps your vibe high. Do things that you love (that aren't related to your work), spend time with people who lift you up, give yourself space and spend more time in nature, the greatest healer.

How to Cultivate More Compassion

 A lack of compassion in any aspect of your business might show up as feeling stuck or feeling down on the work you are doing.

 To get the compassion flowing again, here are a few things to try. 

  • Do a gut check. Is your business centered on your values? Are you making the contribution you want to be making and serving others in a way that lights you up? Read our article "How to Discover Your Business Purpose."
  • Meditate. Life gets busy, and we all need time to recenter and refocus on what's really important.
  • Hire a coach. Ask us for a recommendation. We're happy to point you toward some coaches we love.
  • Break down barriers. What are the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that hold you back from connection, passion and compassion in work and in life? Those beliefs likely are no longer serving you.

 Compassion is at the heart of high-vibe entrepreneurship, and we'd love to talk with you about how you can infuse more compassion into your business. To learn more, shoot us an email or schedule a call with me

Much love and gratitude,
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