The High-Vibe

What Is a High-Vibe Entrepreneur?

High-vibe entrepreneurs take an approach to business that’s more personal, more passionate and more authentic.

If you’re a high-vibe entrepreneur, it’s absolutely essential for you that your business uses your unique gifts and talents. You’re also deeply driven to make a real difference in the world with your business. And you live by the idea that genuine connection is the heart of everything and the only path to real and lasting success. High-vibe entrepreneurs know their business must reflect who they truly are in order to attract the people they can best serve.

What Is a High-Vibe Brand?

No one wants to be sold to anymore. Today’s customers want to buy from brands that have a purpose and story they connect with.

That’s what high-vibe brands deliver. High-vibe brands stand for something. They’re designed for a specific audience, and everything they do builds their relationship with that audience. They never lose sight of who they are, and they speak from a place of truth at all times.

How Does DesignGood Work With High-Vibe Entrepreneurs?

DesignGood is a branding firm based in Austin, Texas, that specializes in building beautiful, memorable brands for high-vibe entrepreneurs. We make things easy for entrepreneurs by offering service packages custom-designed to meet their needs, no matter where they are in their business journeys.

Our clients love working with us because they can draw on the deep knowledge that we have honed through helping hundreds of small businesses succeed. (Our founder, Kristin Moses, has also created three companies of her own.) They appreciate that we have a wide range of expertise — from design to copywriting to programming — in-house. And they value that we “go deep” with them: DesignGood helps entrepreneurs get clarity on who they are, what they offer and who their audience is. We also help them shape or refine their products or services and make their processes more efficient.

Whether you’re launching a business or taking your existing business to the next level, we’d love to accelerate your success. Contact us to learn more about working with DesignGood.

Free Resources For High-Vibe Entrepreneurs

  • DesignGood Creative Director Kristin Moses provides ideas, insights and inspiration for high-vibe entrepreneurs weekly on our blog.
  • We also have more posts on business and spirit that we think you’ll love.
  • Visit our Tools page for free downloads to help you start your own high-vibe business.

We’re here to help you thrive. Get in touch to find out more about DesignGood can turn your vision for your brand and business into a reality.

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