How to Keep Your Vibe High as an Entrepreneur (Part 1)

How to Keep Your Vibe High as an Entrepreneur (Part 1)

Does it feel like many different yous have worked within your business?

There was the creative, visionary, in-love-with-the-universe you who decided to become an entrepreneur and bring a big idea to life.

But now the you who shows up most days is feeling stuck and hopeless or jealous and defensive.

Can you ever get that other you back? Absolutely! And we'll show you how. To do so, we're going to take a deep dive into one of our favorite topics: the power of energy and attraction to create the kind of business, and the kind of life, you want.

Your Energy = Your Business's Energy

The farther I go on my own entrepreneurial journey, the more deeply I believe that authentic success always comes down to your business putting the right energy into the world to attract the things that you desire back to you.

And you can't separate the energy of your business from your own energy. In other words, if you're feeling low vibe these days, your business and brand aren't going to be high-vibe.

If you're operating out of fear, worry and self-doubt, trying to ignore your feelings, and putting on a brave face to just soldier on, it doesn’t do much good.

That's why managing your business also means managing yourself and your energy. But how do you do that?

You CAN Raise Your Energy

Over the past months, I've gone through the iPEC Coach Certification Program. Like DesignGood's own High-Vibe Entrepreneur Method, most coaching methodologies center around energy. When your actions are aligned with who you truly are and when you act from a place of passion, you raise your energy and attract more of what you want. You also attract the right opportunities and clients that align with your values! On the other hand, when you believe you are a victim and bad stuff always happens to you, that just generates more bad stuff. After all, you will always find evidence to support what you believe to be true.

You won't be surprised to find out that this training really struck a chord with me. It affirms everything I've learned from my own experiences as an entrepreneur and from creating brands for DesignGood's clients. And it deepens my understanding of how our different energy levels work and how we can intentionally change our energy.

Understanding Your Energy Levels

First of all, it's hugely beneficial just to know that you can change your energy level. Whatever you are thinking, feeling and doing is more within your control than you realize.

Change starts with understanding where your energy is right now. We all have two main types of energy:

  1. Catabolic energy is stress energy. It happens when our bodies pump out cortisol and adrenaline. Catabolic energy does have a purpose. It helps us deal with a sudden crisis, threat or emergency. But the problem is that we all spend way too much time in a catabolic state these days because of all the stressors in our lives. That takes a toll on us, body and soul.
  2. Anabolic energy is the healing of expansion and growth. It's a positive force that makes it easier for us to lead others and to do our best work.

Then, according to iPEC, we can break things down even more. See which one of these levels best describes your typical energy.

  • Level 1 energy is a catabolic state. When you are at Level 1, you feel like a loser or a victim. You're restless, anxious and fearful.
  • Level 2 energy is the other catabolic state. At Level 2, you're focused on winning, even at the expense of others. You're angry and mistrustful and always feel the need to be right.
  • Level 3 energy marks the shift into anabolic energy. At this point, you start feeling more responsible, accountable and cooperative. You start releasing anger and resentment.
  • Level 4 energy draws us more deeply into compassion and service. People at Level 4 feel more warmth and empathy.
  • Level 5 energy brings a more global and heart-centered mindset. You feel calm and let go of judgment.
  • Level 6 energy is the zone of intuition, innovation and creativity. It's characterized by joy. This is where the high-vibe energy really starts to kick in.
  • Level 7 energy is when your genius appears. (You were probably at Level 7 when you created your business.) We can't spend all our time at this high level of energy, but it's pretty blissful when we enter it.

In our next article, we'll talk more about how these levels show up in your business and how you can shift between them. Until then, you can use this article to become more aware of your own energy levels and how they affect your business and your life. Can't wait to learn even more about raising your energy? Explore our High-Vibe Entrepreneur Method, shoot us an email or schedule a call with me.

Much love and gratitude,
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