5 Questions High-Vibe Entrepreneurs Must Ask About Their Relationships

5 Questions High-Vibe Entrepreneurs Must Ask About Their Relationships

You pour a lot of time, work and passion into your business. And, as a good high-vibe entrepreneur, you're even paying attention to your own thoughts and managing your energy because you know that your internal state affects the state of your business. 

But despite all of this, it still seems like something is holding back your success. When you feel like this, sometimes the cause lies outside of your business, or even outside yourself.

So what's going on here? As entrepreneurs, we often underestimate how the people in our lives affect us and what we bring to our businesses. Today I want you to notice the state of your relationships and to find ways to cultivate a community that will help you thrive.

Other People Shape Who We Are

By our very nature, we need like-minded people around us. Even when we work solo in our businesses, we are not "go it alone" types. We crave connection with other people who get what we're all about. We love both giving and receiving support, advice and encouragement.

That's because we intuitively sense a great truth: The people around us determine to a huge extent who we are ourselves. In her book "The Source," neuroscientist Tara Swart has an exercise that demonstrates this. First, draw five circles. In each circle, write the name of one of the people who's closest to you. Then write down the five key traits of each of these people. What themes do you see?

This exercise should illuminate for you the kind of energy that other people are bringing into your life. You can use it as a jumping-off point for these questions:

  1. Do you know other high-vibe people? When you're around high-vibe people, that raises your own vibration — which then attracts even more high-vibe energy into your life. In particular, knowing other high-vibe entrepreneurs also helps you feel seen and validated. Your family and old friends might not understand your work and why it's so important to you. Now that doesn't mean you should cut them out of your life, or that you should just hang around with other entrepreneurs. But it does mean that you need other people around you who do understand and appreciate what you're building. If you don't have a high-vibe peer group already, start forging some new connections. Do more things that you are your passionate about and you’ll find more like-minded people starting to show up in your life. As my own friend group has evolved over the years, it's come to include more entrepreneurs and other women who are passionate, dedicated, motivated and up to big things in the world. And that's made a real difference in my happiness, productivity and wellbeing.
  2. Are other people truly there for you? Of course, just because someone is an entrepreneur is no guarantee that they're also high-vibe! Some entrepreneurs don't understand yet that we can all succeed. So they hoard their insight and knowledge because they don't want anyone else to get "the edge" that they have. And they always seem to be too busy to celebrate with you when things are good or to give you support through the hard times. They're stuck in some really low energy. If you spend a lot of time with entrepreneurs like this, they can drag you down to their level. Instead, look for entrepreneurial peers who generously share what they've learned and who understand that we're all here to lift each other up.
  3. Do the people around you expand or shrink your sense of possibility? You need people who call forth your best self. Sometimes that means that their lives show you what's possible for your own. It's a lot easier to imagine doing something yourself if you have a friend who's already doing it. And sometimes that means they have a gift for showing you the strengths and gifts you may be overlooking in yourself. Do you have enough inspirers in your life? Or are most of your relationships with people who find fault, weakness and reasons your dreams won't come true?
  4. Do you need stronger barriers? We all have people we love but who also leave us drained. Maybe they're chronic complainers, or perhaps they veer from one drama to the next. Perhaps you've noticed that when you spend a lot of time with them that negativity and drama start showing up in your life, too. You simply can't afford the toll that these people are taking on your energy. Some of them might not have a place in your life anymore. For others, you may just need healthier boundaries. Change the subject when your friend starts in on the same old complaints, or nudge him toward thinking about solutions. Don't rush to respond to texts from your drama-loving sister.
  5. Who are your social media people? We spend a lot of time with the people in our social media feeds. And even if you never click like or leave a comment, their posts have a very real effect on your energy. Take a thoughtful look at the people you are following. Who lifts your mood when you see their posts? Who inspires and informs you? On the other hand, who makes you feel jealous, irritable or inferior? Give your online community the same attention as your in-person one.

Whatever you are working to accomplish as high-vibe entrepreneur, you'll reach your goals a lot faster if you surround yourself with light. At DesignGood, we want to be among the people who are lifting you up. To work with us, shoot us an email or schedule a call with me.

 P.S. If you enjoyed this article, you'll also want to check out my conversation with career astrologer Natalie Walstein on "The Cosmic Calling" podcast. I'm so grateful that she's one of the high-vibe entrepreneurs in my own community.

Much love and gratitude,
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