How To Maintain a High-Vibe Work-Life Balance

How To Maintain a High-Vibe Work-Life Balance

The final piece of  DesignGood’s High-Vibe Entrepreneur Method is about maintaining everything you have worked so hard to discover and creating a business and a life that work for you.

We’ve taken you step by step through our process to create a business in which you can use your gifts and passions to make a real impact in this world by authenticity and powerful serving the audience you were put on this Earth to connect with. A high-vibe business also does one more thing, though. It enables you to live the life you want to live. This is why you became an entrepreneur!

As entrepreneurs, we tend to neglect the “life” part of that work-life balance equation. In fact, “balance” is probably the wrong way to think about things. When our businesses and lives are so closely intertwined, what does “balance” even mean? Are you out of balance if you go to bed thinking about your business? We don’t think so. We believe that means you’re passionate.

But that passion has to be sustainable. Which means you have to cultivate yourself the same way you do your business.

What does this entail?

Care for yourself financially.

Are you making enough money? Charge what you’re worth (and if you need a reminder of what your expertise is worth, review your Business Identity). And pay yourself! Your business should provide the income for the life you want to lead, which means different things for different people. If it doesn’t, it’s not sustainable.

Check in with yourself often.

Are you using your gifts every day in your business? Are you working with the people you want to work with? Does your Business Purpose fire you up? If you answer no to any of these questions, you are setting yourself up for burnout. Which isn’t good for you or your business!

Put yourself first.

In order to show up for your customers and clients, you have to be at 100%. Think about it: Would you want to hire someone to do deep and meaningful work for you if that person always seemed tired, unhealthy, unhappy and disengaged? You must stay inspired and energized for the people you work for. Inspired people live inspiring lives. The self-care activities that really energize me are hot yoga, hanging with my girlfriends and high-vibe manicures. What are yours? And can you get some of these activities on your schedule soon? You’re giving a lot  — to your business, to your clients or customers, to your team. Don’t forget to refill the well.

Stay inspired.

This might be the most important points on this list. High-vibe entrepreneurs love learning and personal development. If you skimp on these things, you’ll start to feel stagnant. So take that class that inspires you (even if it’s not in your field). Make time to go to a conference. Pick up some intriguing new books.

Get support.

Are you part of a community of other entrepreneurs who advise and support each other? One of the characteristics of high-vibe entrepreneurs is that we draw energy from a community of like-minded people. Find a tribe to cheer you on — and cheer them on in return. For even more learning and support, working with a coach is a great investment in yourself and your success.

Nurture your inner life.

This makes all the difference in the way that you show up in your business. Pray in whatever way is meaningful to you. Meditating can help you stay grounded and in the moment amid your hectic days. Practice visualizing and affirming your success. However you do it, take time to get still and stop that little voice in your head. The energy that is outside of you is where the magic is.

Lean on your intuition.

When you feel overwhelmed, remember you were born with an inner source of guidance and reassurance. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting still and asking a question. The saying “trust your gut” has been around for centuries. Your inner knowing rarely steers you wrong if you really listen.  

Your business supports your life, and your life supports your business. Make sure you are caring for both. This is the essence of being a high-vibe entrepreneur. If you’re looking for a collaborator who understands and lives by this holistic definition of success, you’ll feel right at home with DesignGood. Schedule a call to talk more.

Much love and gratitude,
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