Books to Transform Your Business + Life in 2018

If you’re like me, you crave constant learning and inspiration — especially anything related to supporting the entrepreneurial journey we’ve chosen. So I’m excited to share with you the books that made a real difference for me and for DesignGood in 2017.

These titles speak to how you can support your soul so you can show up 100% in your business. They’re the perfect way to recharge and regroup so you can start plotting your course for 2018. Pick up some copies for yourself — and maybe even gift some to a fellow entrepreneur.

Get Organized + Get Things Done

Who doesn’t want more room in life for the things you really want to be doing? If you want to break bad habits, free up more time and still accomplish more, these are the books for you. They’ll help you take a clear look at your current habits, routines and processes and guide you toward productive changes.

Map Out Goals + Paint a Clear Picture of Where You’re Headed

Getting crystal clear on what you really want in your life and business is the only way to bring those things to you. Use these books to help paint a clear picture of where 2018 will take you.

Get in Touch With With Your Inner Spiritpreneur

Did you start your business to make a positive impact on others’ lives — and your own? Do you define success by factors like expressing yourself creatively, controlling your own schedule, working with people who fire you up and making your little piece of the world a better place? Then you’re part of the growing movement of “spiritpreneurs.” These books teach you how to let your inner guide (aka your “gut”) do the heavy lifting, and they provide other tools to guide you on your path.

Welcome Wealth + Manifest Money

You started your business to make money, right? There is no shame in that! Money can help you do good in the world (like taking better care of your staff) and create a life that aligns with who you really (like building an office in your backyard so you can hang out with your dogs all day — which is what I did!). If you have hang-ups with money in your business, try these gems.

Be Good to Yourself

This should be a no-brainer, but it’s a hard lesson to learn. What good are you to your clients and your team if you’re not taking care of yourself? To show up powerfully in this world, you must take care of yourself first. Then you will be in the position to help others.

Ladies Who Mean Business

We have all noticed a shift in female energy this year! It’s inspiring and empowering. Here are a few books to continue to fuel that fire.

So what were your top books from 2017? I want to add them to my reading list. And if you’re digging these picks and think DesignGood might be a great collaborator for you, just give us a shout.

Happy reading!

Much love and lots of gratitude,

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