How to Attract Customers By Being Super-Clear

How to Attract Customers By Being Super-Clear

If you’re wondering how to attract customers, the answer is straightforward. They need you to be direct. Really direct. They’re busy. They have a lot of options. And if they can’t figure out immediately what you do and what makes you different, they are out of there.

We’re going to practice what we preach and cut to the chase with some tips on how to be more clear and direct.

Be Direct About What You Do

We’ve had this experience, and we’re betting you have, too: You find out about a business that sounds intriguing — maybe, say, from a mention in your friend’s social media. So you click over to this business’s website. It looks nice! So you read on.

And then you realize… you’re not really sure what this business is all about. Whom does it serve? How does it work? We’ve even seen some sites where we’re not too sure what the business even does.

Of course, to make this clear to your customers, you have to be really clear on it yourself. You can’t skip this part. It’s so important to us when we work with clients that we created our own Brand Discovery Method to make sure we really understand each client’s offerings, their target audience and other essentials about their business.

The words and the visuals on your website should be laser-focused on quickly informing and intriguing to attract customers. Using infographics can help you get your point across faster. And in the copy for your website, steer clear of jargon or buzzwords. Describe what you do and whom you serve in a clear, conversational way that’s appropriate for your brand voice.

Be Direct About Next Steps

When they visit your website, prospective customers should be clear on the next step you want them to take — whether that’s buying from your online store, subscribing to your newsletter or calling you for more information.

These directions to your customer are known as calls to action. You’ve heard us mention them before. That’s because they are some of the most important words on your website. Use calls to action throughout your site. If you have your call to action in only one place on your site, your customers could easily miss it. And that’s a missed opportunity to attract customers for you.

You’ll want to strike a balance between using multiple clear calls to action and bombarding your site visitors with pushy pleas. At DesignGood, our writers and designers work together to optimize clients’ calls to action. That results in calls to action that are helpful, not annoying, to site visitors and that fit the overall mood and tone of each website.

Send Customers on a Clear Path

Sometimes a sale immediately follows when a potential customer visits your website. But in other cases, landing a sale is a longer process. This might depend on the type of product or service you’re selling: A cool T-shirt might be an impulse buy. But personal styling services probably are not. Or the potential customer might be intrigued by you but just not ready to pull the trigger for whatever reason.

In those cases, it’s especially important to have a well-defined process to follow up on potential customer’s initial interest and guide them toward a sale. You may have heard this called your sales funnel. A good sales funnel builds a relationship with your potential customers. It could look like this:

  • Your potential customer lands on your website via Google. She likes what she sees.
  • She’s so interested she downloads your lead magnet (a free tool or guide that you offer in exchange for site visitors sharing their email address for you).
  • After she downloads the lead magnet, she gets an automatically sent warm welcome email explaining more about who you are and how you’ll communicate with her (for example, she’ll get an email every week with your latest blog post).
  • The next week, she gets your newsletter and another automatically generated email from you to check on how she’s using your lead magnet.
  • The following week, in addition to your regular newsletter, she receives an email explaining your services and offering her a free consultation.

Setting up a good sales funnel takes work, but it’s an investment that keeps business from slipping through your fingers. And it’s one more way to show potential customers your credibility as they’re deciding whether to buy from you. At DesignGood, we help our clients with tools like lead magnets and email templates that make sales funnels easier to manage.

If you’re looking for a new perspective on how to talk about your business, we’d love to tell you more about how we help clients attract customers. Contact us today.

Much love and gratitude,
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