How to be More Confident in Your Business

How to be More Confident in Your Business

We frequently talk with entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck either in launching a new business or in reaching their goals with their current business. When we uncover what’s blocking them, it often comes down to one thing: They lack confidence.

If you’ve been experiencing confusion or a lack of momentum with your own business or the business you're hoping to start, we want to boost your confidence so that you can get unstuck and begin creating a brand that helps you attract the things you desire in your business and in your life.

Why Confidence Matters

To start with, let’s explore why confidence is so essential to success. It’s normal to assume that your business hinges more on what you do or what you are creating than your own internal state of being. Maybe you’re asking yourself “Why does it matter how I feel if I do good work?”

Actually, it matters a lot. At DesignGood, we believe that the key to success is your own personal energy . Yes, you need to do good work, and, yes, you need a brand that is memorable and that captivates your audience. But your energy behind all of that is just as important. In other words, you need to be vibrating at the same frequency as the things you want to call in. When you feel a deep and genuine confidence in yourself and your business, people respond to that. And when you don’t feel it, they notice that, too. The good news is we use brands as a tool to help raise your confidence around your work and how you communicate your value to your audience. You don’t have to do this all on your own. Having a brand that looks like you, and sounds like you just feels good. It’s like buying a new “power outfit” that you just walk differently in because it feels good and looks good.  

Confidence Requires Clarity

Exuding this kind of confidence doesn’t mean bragging about your business and your achievements. Instead, we’re talking about a confidence that’s a lot more grounded and authentic. You know what you can do, what you’re all about and the results you can get for the people you work with   — and you own it.

And that brings us to the often-overlooked ingredient that confidence requires: clarity. The process we take our branding clients through starts with helping them get clear and create that big bold vision for their business. As we do this important uncovering work, we see their feelings of confidence and excitement about their business increase.

What are the areas in your business where gaining clarity would help you build confidence? Here are a few examples to spark your thinking.

Example 1: You keep undercharging for your work, even when your business isn’t providing you the income you need for the life you want.

Where you lack confidence: In charging what you are worth.

How clarity helps: When you are clear on your unique expertise and ability to help the people you want to serve, you feel more confident in your value and charging what you are worth.

Example 2: You hesitate to start a new business or make changes in your current one because you worry about whether people will respond to what you are doing. 

Where you lack confidence: In connecting with your audience.

How clarity helps: You will only make yourself crazy if you try to appeal to everyone. Instead, get clear on the niche audience you want to serve and focus on understanding them and their needs. Then you can direct all of your focus and efforts toward them.

Example 3: You’re losing your passion for your business because you’re spending so much time on projects you don’t enjoy and doing work for people who don't value you.

Where you lack confidence: In turning down work that’s not the right fit.

How clarity helps: Get clear on the people and projects that excite you and communicate those things clearly in your brand. This will help you attract more of the opportunities you want.

Get Clarity + Confidence With Our New Course

Does your business need a dose of clarity and confidence? In September, DesignGood is launching More Flow, Less Hustle, an online course to help you create magic in your business, brand and life. More Flow, Less Hustle incorporates the exact steps, strategies and practices that have worked time and again to create powerful results for DesignGood clients. Through these heartfelt and practical lessons, you’ll clarify your unique value, the audience you want to serve, how to shape or reshape your business and how to use your brand to reach your goals. Get on the updates list to be the first to know when the course is live.

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