Are You Still Struggling With Creating Your Business?

Are You Still Struggling With Creating Your Business?

Many new brands and businesses have been born during the pandemic. If you have long had a business idea in the back of your mind, you might be feeling like you missed the wave. But with the start of the new year, there are still plenty of opportunities available. 

And, as a bonus, you can learn from the success of all the people over the past couple of years who started something new or pivoted their business to remain relevant and valuable in the pandemic-influenced economy.

Ready to zero in on your vision for the business you want to start? Just grab a notebook and pen and answer the questions below. Got more than one business idea? Answer the questions for each one.

Establish the Foundations of Your Business

  • Write down your business idea. If you've never done this before, this simple act alone can be very powerful and create momentum.
  • How long has this idea been in your heart or been a part of your life in some way?  
  • What inspired your idea?
  • Why is starting your business so important to you?

Build Your Business on Passion

  • What are the things that you naturally gravitate toward? That you just can't stop thinking about? That you're always reading books or articles about? Maybe this question brings to mind for you the problems or issues in the world that you want to help solve. Or maybe it makes you think about products, services or experiences you know could be better.
  •  What kind of work or activities makes you feel most in flow?
  •  When was the last time you entered a flow state at work? What were you doing? If you are having trouble answering this question about your current work, you may want to think back to a past work experience or even to a hobby. Think about the things that truly light you up and you care deeply about.
  • Does your business idea involve the things you are always thinking about or doing the kind of work that helps you enter a flow state?

Overcome Obstacles to Success

  • What has kept you from moving forward on this business idea so far?
  •  What might get in the way of your goals for your business?
  •  How might you overcome those potential obstacles?

Picture the Future of Your Business

  • Imagine that it's five years from now and all your ideas for your business have come to fruition. Picture the following things as clearly and vividly as you can:
  • How do you spend each day in your business? Get really detailed here. What are you working on? Whom are you working with? What is your schedule like?
  • How do you feel when you are working in your business?
  • Who are your customers or clients? How does your business make their lives better? 
  • What are you helping them do or attain?
  • How do you feel when you interact with them? What kind of positive feedback do they give you?
  • How much revenue is your business bringing in? How are you creating this revenue?
  • What other milestones (for example, receiving recognition or partnering with other businesses you admire) has your business achieved? How do these milestones make you feel?
  • What are you and your business known for? 

Align Your Business and Your Life

  • Beyond your business goals, what are your personal dreams and aspirations? (Examples: "I want to be able to work anywhere in the world," “I want to create passive income.”)
  • How do your business ideas align with your life goals?
  • How would launching a new business change your life?
  • How much income do you need from your business to have the life that you want? What would you need to charge to sustain your life? Is this doable with this offering or product? If not, how might you change it, evolve it, or add more value?
  • Do you need to modify your business ideas in any way to support the life goals that are important to you?

Now take a look back over your answers. Do you feel clear about the business you want, or are some things fuzzy? Do you feel committed to making the changes needed to bring your vision for your business to life and to start taking some meaningful action steps?

I hope you’re feeling a fresh sense of confidence and excitement that you can bring your business vision to life. Yes, there’s still a lot to figure out, but by answering these questions, you have built a solid foundation. And you will reach your goals so much faster. Ready to keep the momentum going? Schedule a chat with me now.

Much love and gratitude,
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