Win a 1-Hour Business Clarity Session with Kristin

Win a 1-Hour Business Clarity Session with Kristin

Looking to find intention and clarity right now? DesignGood is giving away four, one-hour Business Clarity Sessions with our founder, Kristin Moses. Discover if your business idea is the right one for you, your expertise and your passions. Or, if you have a business and you want to pivot, this session will help you gain valuable insight and clarity on where to head next. Click here to enter.

A lot of us are looking for the silver lining during quarantine. Have you always had a business idea in the back of your mind but never been sure if it could really work? Get crystal clear on whether the idea is the right idea for you, your expertise and passions. Or, if you’re already a business owner and feeling it’s time to pivot, this session will help you gain incredible clarity on where to head next.

Big ideas often stir up our doubts. I get it. It can feel scary to think outside the box — especially right now. 

But what if you could do it in a way that removes the confusion and uncertainty? 

What if you could quickly gain the clarity to move forward with confidence, laying the groundwork while you have the gift of time?

You deserve to explore this idea. And we at DesignGood want to help our community rise strong in challenging times.  Click here to enter to win a one-on-one coaching session with me to talk about your business idea, get clear on your vision and start creating momentum. 

We'll spend an hour together exploring the key questions to shape your business:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are you an expert in?
  • Who are the people you would love to help?
  • What do your future customers need that only you can provide?
  • How can you adapt your idea to meet the needs of the rapidly changing business environment? 

This is the same process I’ve used to help countless DesignGood clients get clear on their purpose in the world and pursue their dreams. I’m so excited now to share it with our community and provide clarity and inspiration to those who want and need it right now. 

Four people will win a free session. For your chance to be one of them, click here to enter. (Winners will be announced at the end of April.)

Here's to dreaming and to new beginnings.

P.S. Got a friend who's always coming up with business ideas? Give them a vote of confidence by encouraging them to enter now to win a session with me. Also, follow us on Instagram as we continue to update you on this valuable giveaway @DesignGoodNow

Much love and gratitude,
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