How to Communicate Your True Value and Attract Your Ideal Clients

How to Communicate Your True Value and Attract Your Ideal Clients

Don’t we all want to be invaluable to our clients? It may feel like a really complicated thing to accomplish, but it’s actually quite simple. To communicate value, you just need to know who your ideal audience really is, and what they truly care about. (Hint: It’s almost always tools, products, people or services that make their lives better or easier in some way.) High-vibe entrepreneurs know their expertise is invaluable, and they make sure their customers see it that way, too.

Let's back up a step. What is an expert, and how can you be considered one? An expert does more than just provide a service, which anyone can do. Experts soak up lessons and experiences that provide meaningful insights, and then pass those on to their clients or customers. As opposed to a service provider who simply takes direction from clients and customers. Experts guide their clients to make the right decisions, and add value to every interaction.

Positioning Yourself as an Expert

Imagine you’re able to have lunch with each potential customer: What would you want them to know about you and your expertise? What do you bring to the table? What can you help them achieve that they can’t on their own? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get this hyper-personalized? Here’s the thing: If you have a website, you can. Merely having a “services” page and an “about” page doesn’t cut it anymore. Consumers don't want to read a bio, they want to know why they should choose you over your competition, and how you can meet their needs.

Your website is a great opportunity to tell everyone who comes there three things: 1) who specifically you work with 2) what you do for those groups of people 3) what the outcome is of your work. How do you make customers or clients lives better? We live in a results-driven world. People want proof! You want potential clients to see themselves in your process, and understand what your work together will yield.

Need help? What do customers compliment you on, and what do they consistently say you helped them with the most? After all, you are the brains of your business. Some of you have spent years or even a lifetime honing your trade and discovering what you’re best at. Make communicating what you love and what you do well a consistent message on your social channels, in blog posts, newsletters, editorial contributions, proposals, pitches, etc. Any time you’re talking to potential clients in person... everywhere!

How to Communicate Your Value

We have seen too many awesome companies struggle with communicating their value to clients. But trust us, you know what you’re good at; it’s why you started your business! You felt passion for something you knew someone needed (or that could make a difference) and acted on it. It’s also common for entrepreneurs to take for granted that their customers will automatically get what they do. The copy on your website might be too technical, or full of industry terms that you get but clients don’t. Put yourself in your customer's shoes. Talk to them in a way they can understand, and take every opportunity to address their specific needs and desires.

Are you sitting in one of these camps?
  1. I don’t know how to show my value or speak to it (either over- or under-explaining)
  2. I think I’m doing too many things (too many offerings to be considered an expert)
  3. I’m not clearly communicating what my audience would get from hiring me (the results)

Accurately communicating your value is also about attracting the clients you want to work with. If your branding or messaging is too general, the clients that light you up can’t find you. High-vibe entrepreneurs don’t have to sell themselves hard, because potential clients can self-identify, and everyone they encounter already knows who they work with, and how satisfied those past clients are.

Branding Can Help

Your business will benefit exponentially from getting clear, getting focused, and creating a memorable brand. It’s a lot to take on alone, so get help if you need it. If you have the exact same offerings as someone else, your personal brand can set you apart. We work with clients to make sure their new brands will instantly communicate how dynamic, passionate and talented they are. We can help paint a picture for your ideal audience; so that you can speak directly to them. Give us a call today, and we’ll get started.

Much love and gratitude,
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