2018: The Year of the High Vibe Entrepreneur

Hey, welcome back! We hope you got some time away from work during the holidays. And if this week hasn’t already gotten crazy for you, we also hope you’re taking time to set intentions personally and professionally for 2018. We’ve been doing some heavy-duty intention and goal setting around here, and we would love to share some of some of our go-to tools and tips.

As longtime entrepreneurs ourselves, we’ve embraced an idea of success that seems to be resonating with a lot of other people these days, too. It’s a term that might be new to you, or it may be old news, but its benefits in starting and running a business are undeniable.     

“High vibe entrepreneurship” is a way of conducting yourself and your business that is in flow and in sync with your true self and world around you (aka “the universe”).  What it means to us is that your business embodies your unique gifts. It enables the life you want to live. And it helps build the kind of world you want to live in.  

Now this doesn’t mean that you have to sell crystals for a living. (Although you might!)

But it does mean that instead of always pushing and questioning, you’re asking and allowing. You’re no longer caught up in judgment and expectations about your work. Instead, you’re building a business and life that work for you.

The entrepreneurs who take this approach are the ones who attract devoted followings and who truly thrive over the long term. That’s what we’ve seen over and over in our years of helping small businesses and entrepreneurs of all kinds succeed.

So that’s where we’re putting our focus this year with the DesignGood blog and newsletter. We want to give all the other high vibe entrepreneurs out there both inspiration and our proven strategies to turn that inspiration into action. Think of our posts as your practical guide to a spirit-driven business that maximizes your impact — and your fulfillment.

What can you expect? We’ll be talking about topics like these:

  •   Building your business around your values.
  •   Connecting with the customers and clients who’ll love you – and whom you’ll love working with.
  •   Infusing your business with all of your creativity and originality.
  •   Creating a business that supports the schedule, the income and the life you want.
  •   Making a bigger impact on others’ lives with your work.
  •   Listening to that little voice that’s nudging you to do something big.

We can’t wait to explore these topics with you, and we hope you’ll send us your ideas on anything you’d like to see us cover. We also always welcome new collaborations with high vibe entrepreneurs. Schedule a call with me to get the conversation started. 

Much love and lots of gratitude,

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