How to Get Help Creating Content For Your Business

You’re already busy enough with your main role in your business. But sometimes it might feel like you’re working a second shift creating content. Businesses need a lot of content: web copy, blog articles, social media posts, newsletters, email marketing — and the list goes on. All that writing doesn’t have to fall on you. Today, we’ll share some tips for hiring a writer so that you can stop worrying about creating content and focus on what you do best.

Ask for Recommendations

Lots of writers are out there for you to choose from. So how do you sort through them all? We’re not saying you won’t find great, affordable writers on freelance platforms like Upwork, but a better strategy is to ask other business owners you trust for recommendations. Professionals you are already working with – like designers and photographers – will probably also have recommendations for copywriters they’ve worked with before. A great recommendation both saves you time and raises the chances that the writer you choose can produce high-quality content.

Look for Experience That Matches Your Needs

So let’s say a fellow entrepreneur points you toward a writer that she loves. Awesome! But you still need to consider a couple more things to determine whether the writer is the best fit for you. Before you assign any projects, make sure that the writer’s expertise matches what you need. A lot of writers are versatile, but don’t assume that any writer can write about any topic. That writer your friend recommended might be great with technical topics, but not quite an ace at the lifestyles copy you need. Creating different kinds of content takes different skill sets, too. A writer who’s great at, say, snappy social media posts isn’t necessarily the right choice to craft your in-depth case studies.

Pay Attention to Voice

Once you’ve determined that a writer has the experience you need, find out if she can create content in a voice that suits your brand. Different businesses have different voices even if they offer the same products or services. For example, if you’re a career coach do you want your voice to be more “inspirational speaker” or “no-BS best friend?” Ask the writer to provide work samples that show the tone you’re going for.

Think Beyond Writing

Remember what we said about writers being versatile? Many of them have skills that go far beyond wordsmithing. Which is great, since creating content that drives sales takes a lot more than writing. A writer may be able to help you with tasks like these, too:

  •    Shaping your editorial calendar.
  •    Choosing blog topics that resonate with your target audience.
  •    Defining your brand voice.
  •    Choosing your brand words.
  • Creating a consistent tone across all your marketing and social channels.

Partner for the Long Term

Chances are, your content needs will be ongoing, so look for a writer with whom you can build an ongoing relationship. The longer you work with a content writer, the more they become an expert on you and your business, and the easier projects get. Working with the same writer over time helps you maintain a consistent brand voice, and consistency is one of the hallmarks of a strong brand.

At DesignGood, we have a variety of ways to work with you on creating content that serves your business goals, whether you need website copy or ongoing blog posts. Contact us today to learn more.

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