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A Good First Date

A good first date branding by DesignGood.

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Holly Krivo

Holly Krivo Coaching Branding by DesignGood.

As a certified life coach, Holly Krivokapich knows all about dreams, goals and ambitions. And it was Holly’s personal dream to have a brand and website that could launch her into the next phase of her career. As a personal brand, Holly’s identity and website needed to reflect her bright and engaging character, while also…
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The Living Home

When Ellen Prejean wanted to re-imagine her creative painting business she enlisted DesignGood to infuse her brand with some very important guiding principles and help showcase her unique talent. Ellen has a gift of creating spaces that support mental, physical and spiritual well-being, and she recognizes the positive effects that nature-inspired spaces can have on…
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The Turk Group

The Turk Group is a learning and development consultancy known for customized solutions and innovative, research-based strategies. Founder James Turk has built a successful business that has worked with prominent clients. With The Turk Group evolving, James needed a website that reflected his current focus and goals. To grow The Turk Group’s email list, DesignGood collaborated…
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South Austin Homes

DesignGood Branding Studio | Portfolio | South Austin Homes | Client Logo Design

Clients of real estate agent Michael Jurkash benefit from his vast knowledge and warm, attentive approach. The problem was that the brand for Michael’s business, South Austin Homes, didn’t convey his uniqueness at all. When Michael decided it was time for a marketing upgrade, DesignGood created a visual identity and a website that reflect the…
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Paint Works New York

This specialty painting contractor needed a way to build relationships with interior designers. So DesignGood developed The Designer’s Toolkit. The expandable kit features tips on topics like paint choice and project organization. It keeps Paint Works top of mind with designers without making them feel that they are being marketed to. The company’s website also…
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Natalie Glover

Natalie goes “under the hood” to show teams how to work smarter. That’s a service we knew a lot of business and organizations would pounce on — if they knew about it and understood how it works. Now Natalie has a web “voice” that matches her practical, personal approach with clients. Her clean, contemporary visual…
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Sunni Brown

Sunni Brown was so busy spreading her big ideas about visual thinking that her branding hadn’t kept up with her growing acclaim. That’s where we came in. We updated her brand to instantly get across her one-of-a-kind expertise. We also designed her book “The Doodle Revolution,” as well as a direct mail promotion campaign. When…
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Nubelity is a newer cloud computing company. But its founders have years of cloud experience. With a website by DesignGood, Nubelity conveyed its credibility and experience right out of the gate — and cut down on the “growing pains” typical for a new company. The website quickly conveys what Nubelity does and why they stand…
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Digital Union

How can a new kind of business quickly tell prospects what it does and how it delivers results? DesignGood helped Digital Union, which shows companies how to create and implement social impact strategies, do just that. We especially like how our infographics show website visitors why Digital Union is a game-changer. And we’re excited that…
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