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The Living Home

When Ellen Prejean wanted to re-imagine her creative painting business she enlisted DesignGood to infuse her brand with some very important guiding principles and help showcase her unique talent. Ellen has a gift of creating spaces that support mental, physical and spiritual well-being, and she recognizes the positive effects that nature-inspired spaces can have on…
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Blink Beauty

When these Austin beauty industry veterans were looking to step their up their game, they enlisted DesignGood to help elevate their brand, expand their web presence and connect with a larger audience. Recognizing that the lash and beauty industry in Austin is fairly saturated, Blink was looking for that edge to truly set them apart….
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Abigail Anastasio

When Abigail Anastasio decided to run for Judge of the 184th Criminal District Court in Houston, Texas, she enlisted DesignGood to create the look, feel, and voice of her political campaign. Abigail was dedicated to running her campaign very differently, and we knew how important is was to create a brand that was as unique…
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Kartwheel Studio

Founder David Clark brings an astonishing range of expertise to Kartwheel Studio, which can create spaces from concept to execution, develop visual standards for a brand’s spaces and a lot more. But David realized that his previous marketing efforts were not telling the world everything that Kartwheel can do. So we designed a beautiful new…
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Lagree HTX

Former personal trainer Anna Van Delden was so passionate about Lagree Method fitness classes that she decided to open her own Lagree studio in Houston. She turned to DesignGood for everything she needed to launch. With DesignGood’s help, Anna got the word out about her studio through both online channels and direct mail. As a…
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The Turk Group

The Turk Group is a learning and development consultancy known for customized solutions and innovative, research-based strategies. Founder James Turk has built a successful business that has worked with prominent clients. With The Turk Group evolving, James needed a website that reflected his current focus and goals. To grow The Turk Group’s email list, DesignGood collaborated…
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The Curated Nomad

DesignGood Branding Studio | The Curated Nomad | Thumbnail Image

The Curated Nomad is a retail destination for unique treasures from Morocco and beyond. Founder Rebecca Gaddis had already created one successful brand (Ambhasaa) with DesignGood, so she knew that we were the perfect partners to bring another high-style business to life. With our help, The Curated Nomad makes a memorable impression, whether shoppers encounter…
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DesignGood Branding Studio | Portfolio | Client Thumbnail Lumenkind

We love “high vibe” entrepreneurs, and Natalie Glover of LumenKind is one of our favorites. Natalie created “Mindful Marks”: temporary wearables that serve as fun and simple reminders to be present to your intentions. DesignGood collaborated with Natalie to develop and design the product and packaging system for LumenKind, as well as the company’s visual…
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TRI for Space Health

DesignGood Branding Studio | Portfolio | Client Logo Design Translational Research Institute for Space Health

The Translational Research Institute for Space Health leads a national effort in translating cutting-edge terrestrial research into applied risk mitigation strategies for the human exploration of deep space, in partnership with NASA and Baylor College of Medicine. That’s a big mission, so TRI for Space Health turned to DesignGood for help in telling its story….
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U.S.VETS Career Network

DesignGood Branding Studio | Portfolio | U.S.VETS Career Network | Logo Work

The nonprofit group U.S.VETS helps former service members find fulfilling and lasting careers. To aid their mission, the organization needed an enhanced web presence and turned to DesignGood for help. Besides designing and writing a new website for U.S.VETS Career Network, DesignGood also oversaw the implementation of an online job search tool. As a result…
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