BariDiaries is a safe-place for all bariatric patients to share deeply personal and inspiring stories about their weight loss surgery journey. More than just a support network, they are a community building lifelong bonds through meaningful fellowship and shared experience. 

Founder CeCe Chancellor has created a safe space for bariatric patients stepping into their healthiest self. Known for her hilariously candid dialogue, heartfelt and inspiring stories and thoughtful advice, CeCe’s weekly podcast and live podcast tour events promise to keep you entertained, engaged and motivated on your health journey. They believe in the sacredness of a fireside chat and the healing power of happy hour, so coming together for in-person events is core to their community. Their transformative events are designed to unite those who share many of the same lifelong struggles. These relaxing self-care retreats empower each and every participant by designating space for validation, support and celebration.

Our Contributions

Brand Positioning, Visual Identity Update, Website Design, Website Development, Copywriting, Podcast Graphic, Branded Email Marketing Template.

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