Chasing Hearts

Jewelry maker Gilbert Castro had long dreamed of working full time on his art, but put his dream on hold to raise his family. DesignGood turned that dream into reality with a website enabling online sales of jewelry by Gilbert and his daughter.

Our identity package is built on the themes, influences and unique story behind Chasing Hearts. It's a brand as well-crafted as Gilbert's jewelry.

Our Contributions

Branding, Copywriting, Website, Visual Identity, Logo, Packaging

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"Chasing Hearts was a lifelong dream for my dad. But the jewelry he created need a platform and a brand. DesignGood brought that dream to life, creating a logo, branding and packaging that all reflected the essence of his work and connecting us with a stylist and photographer for our photo shoot."

Sarah Castro

Co-Founder, Chasing Hearts

Brought the Dream to Life