Natalie Glover

Natalie goes "under the hood" to show teams how to work smarter. That's a service we knew a lot of business and organizations would pounce on — if they knew about it and understood how it works.

Now Natalie has a web "voice" that matches her practical, personal approach with clients. Her clean, contemporary visual identity shows Natalie's prospects that she's a kindred, forward-thinking spirit.

Our Contributions

Branding, Copywriting, Website, Visual Identity, Logo

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"The DesignGood team cares deeply about bringing great ideas, products and businesses into the world. Their talent for visually telling the story of my brand was the magic wand I needed to get out of my own head and into action with my business goals."

Natalie Glover

Founder, N | G Business Design

The Team Cares Deeply