Press General

As a branding agency, we know every brand has a story to tell. Chelsey Korman knows it, too. And while we focus on making brands look and sound great, Chelsey helps them get noticed for what they do. As a PR pro, Chelsey's worked with large and small brands alike, but she especially loves helping entrepreneurs and startups put their brand on the map. Problem is, there are a lot them and only one Chelsey.

Thus was born Press General, PR Education and Consulting for Small Business and Entrepreneurs. Through branding, website design and copywriting, we helped Chelsey explain how her PR course helps small businesses master the basics of PR, then put those skills to work. Press General was created to help other small businesses grow. That's the kind of story we like to tell.

Our Contributions

Branding, Copywriting, Business Strategy, Website, Visual Identity, Logo, Digital Design

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