At Thrive Creative Arts Therapy, the transformative power of creativity is harnessed to inspire growth and healing. By integrating various modes of artistic expression such as visual art, drama, and energy work with traditional talk therapy, the clinicians at Thrive guide clients toward lives that are more connected and present. This approach results in individuals gaining newfound self-direction, characterized by healthier boundaries, reduced fear and guilt, and improved communication and self-regulation skills.

With a deep commitment to accessibility, a range of in-person and virtual sessions are offered to cater to the diverse needs of the NYC community and beyond. Services are available for individuals of all ages, including children, adults, and couples, who seek healing from anxiety disorders, relationship challenges, and trauma. In addition to general art therapy, the trauma-informed clinicians provide specialized EMDR and EFT sessions.

Founded by Stephanie Kemmer, Thrive Creative Arts Therapy is driven by a profound commitment to fostering community, forging meaningful connections, and cultivating warm and inclusive spaces.

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