U.S.VETS Career Network

The nonprofit group U.S.VETS helps former service members find fulfilling and lasting careers. To aid their mission, the organization needed an enhanced web presence and turned to DesignGood for help.

Besides designing and writing a new website for U.S.VETS Career Network, DesignGood also oversaw the implementation of an online job search tool. As a result of their work with DesignGood, U.S.VETS now has a website that both conveys the value of their work and that better serves their clients' needs.

Our Contributions

Branding, Copywriting, Website, Visual Identity, Logo

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"Based on extensive conversations with our staff, DesignGood created the entire look, feel and voice for U.S.VETS Career Network. Beyond serving as the public face of the Network, the website also enhances the work of our staff by making on-boarding, documentation and data collection more efficient. Additionally, DesignGood researched, selected, customized and implemented a third-party job listings solution that provided the services we needed and that made financial sense for our organization. The result was a beautiful and compelling online tool that allows our team to more effectively serve the post-9/11 veteran community."

Robert K. Stohr

Executive Director, U.S.VETS

Beautiful and Compelling