AstroEleni believes astrology is a grounded, practical force that can be harnessed for wisdom, insight and understanding, and approaches her practice with this pragmatic lens. Astrology applies to daily life and, like us, is evolving and changing as time passes. She helps clients understand how these forces can be used as tools to better comprehend where they are in their lives and where they are heading. 

A deep listener and guide at her core, AstroEleni is founded on relational and empathetic communication and an ability to help individuals know and tell their unique stories. Everyone enters this world with a specific cosmic blueprint that imbues them with certain advantages and challenges. Understanding our unique circumstances can empower us to better manage our lives and make informed decisions based on these tendencies and strengths. Whether seeking guidance in challenging times or desiring further self-awareness, AstroEleni provides clients with a thoughtful, compassionate and personalized analysis. She offers comprehensive natal chart readings to help clients develop a holistic understanding of themselves, as well as readings specific to love and relationships. Clients can also book readings centered around their careers or businesses and predictive readings regarding specific events and decisions. AstroEleni focuses primarily on individuals and couples, but also works with various groups and teams. As a Libra, she intuitively understand relationships and approach readings with a supportive, warm-hearted perspective to develop trust, cultivate inner harmony and empower clients to make confident decisions in their lives.

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"I was hesitant even to start an astrology business, but with their support - emotionally and creatively - I gained confidence and clarity. Everyone who touched my website was so talented and responsive to my questions and needs, particularly my creative project manager, Chelsea. I never ever thought I'd have a website, and I'm so grateful for their fantastic work. My brand and website is so beautiful, and when people view it, they tell me, 'Oh, it's so gorgeous!" and I couldn't agree more!"

Tina Andreadis


I loved my experience working with DesignGood and couldn't have asked for a more supportive team!