Beth Hitchcock is a true trailblazer in the fashion world. She understands that for brands who want to break into the plus-size market it isn't just a business challenge—it's a chance to spark change.

After over a decade in the industry as a model, stylist, and art director, Beth recognized the struggles fashion brands face entering into the plus-size space. That's why she launched Fluffi, a consultancy at the intersection of business, social impact, and size inclusivity. Fluffi isn't just about helping brands; it's about inspiring a movement. Through diversity education, design + fit consultation, savvy marketing, and community engagement, Beth empowers brands to make meaningful connections with consumers in this often overlooked $276 billion plus-size market segment.

Our Contributions

Foundational Brand Language, Visual Identity, Website Copywriting & Design, Branded Email Marketing, Sales & Outreach Tools, Presentation Design

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"Initially, I grappled with translating my idea into a marketable format, But with their invaluable assistance, I was able to shape my offerings into something way bigger and more amazing than I ever thought possible. What makes DesignGood so special is their incredible dedication and personal touch in every step of the process. They didn't just help me; they made me feel genuinely supported and cared for throughout the entire journey. I'm not just launching a website – I'm stepping into the world with a professional, polished, and beautiful brand."

Beth Hitchcock

Founder, Fluffi

DesignGood has been an absolute game-changer in turning my brand from a mere "concept" into a thriving business.