Henri Emile

Henri Emile empowers rebels, innovators and intentional leaders through one-on-one, executive and group coaching, and coaching intensives.

With a commitment to redefine leadership for a new generation, Henri serves a diverse and inclusive clientele of entrepreneurs, company leaders and corporate executives, and those breaking new ground in their field. He leverages his professional leadership expertise in media, tech and publishing to help clients address corporate trauma, legacy narratives, limiting beliefs and mindset issues in a safe, nonjudgmental space. Using whole-person coaching techniques, Henri helps his clients break out of outdated leadership paradigms that contribute to burnout, self-doubt and stagnation, so they can realign their energy with their vision. As a supportive and inspiring coach, Henri guides clients to achieve greater clarity and develop the confidence to attain their highest goals through intentional leadership.

Our Contributions

Foundational Brand Language, Visual Identity, Website Copywriting & Design, Branded Email Marketing, Photography Art Direction, Lead Magnet Copywriting & Design, Social Media Feed Design, Branded Sales Presentation, Webinar Template

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