Lisa Pepper-Satkin

Lisa Pepper-Satkin has a unique approach to executive coaching. As a successful psychotherapist for more than 20 years, Lisa blends the insightful tools of psychotherapy with the powerful techniques of coaching to help high-achieving leaders transform personal experience into powerful results. Lisa wanted to relaunch her brand by developing a cohesive message and voice that would clarify her philosophy and her offerings, including one-on-one coaching, group coaching, immersive retreats, master classes and customized workshops. She also wanted a visual identity and website that would reflect her creativity and colorful spirit.

Using Lisa’s artwork as a reference for color palette development and background imagery, we developed a visual identity and website that’s as dynamic and energetic as Lisa herself. We helped Lisa organize her offerings and made it easy for potential clients to select from her coaching and consulting packages. And with years of material and courses already developed, we helped Lisa restructure and redesign valuable content into compelling lead magnets that help her build her audience and expand her reach as an executive therapeutic coach and consultant. The end result is nothing short of transformative.

Our Contributions

Visual Identity, Brand Positioning, Website Design, Copywriting, Sales & Outreach Tools, Social Media Branding, Branded Email Marketing, Printed Collateral

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"Working with DesignGood has made me grateful for so many reasons. Their creativity is off the charts. They took me through the creative journey with patience & love even through my unbelievable distractions at times. They listened. They are wicked smart. And they pushed me ever so powerfully and gently at the same time. The end result is ME at my best. Thank you!!"

Lisa Pepper-Satkin

Founder, Lisa Pepper-Satkin

The end result is ME at my best.